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Date: Public or In-house program  Program Fee: $500 per person + hst


There is a revolution in play to reshape training into high efficiency learning and performance, done faster and leaner than ever before, and with a renewed focus on performance. The goal of a Velocified Path is to get staff up to speed faster, increase performance levels, deliver improved business results, and cut the time and cost of training and staffing. Taking this workshop is the first step to assess impact and begin to map out an organization-wide planning process to implement Velocified Paths in your organization. We recommend at least 3 people in key functions (training, management, HR, exec) from your organization attend. This workshop  is not a substitute for Certification Training, which trains participants in how to develop and lead a Velocified Learning and Performance Path and develop Velocified projects.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND:  This workshop is designed for Managers, Executives, Trainers, HR Professionals, Team Leaders, Project Managers, OD Professionals, Quality Managers, Business Development Staff, Safety Managers, and Recruiters in larger organizations who want to get a solid grounding in the Learning Paths approach so they can begin to plan and map out an implementation strategy for Learning Paths in their organization before Certification. It is recommended that several members of your organization attend.

Velocified is a licensed provider of the Learning Paths Methodology, a lean rapid performance improvement approach that dramatically accelerates the effectiveness and efficiency of all your training programs. 

This methodology is a proven performance development approach that merges quality improvement, change management and accelerated learning and is designed to dramatically accelerate time-to-proficiency on a given job function by 30-50%. Developed for an entire job, Velocified Paths quickly eliminate skills and performance gaps, increase revenues, performance and productivity for critical jobs, and improve quality and safety.

The business case for Velocified Learning & Performance Paths is based on the fact that every minute employees are less than fully proficient on their job, there is a direct and measurable financial impact on the organization. Learning Paths quickly eliminate skills and performance gaps, increase revenues and performance for critical jobs, improve quality and safety, and reduce the time and cost of training.

A complete Velocified Learning and Performance Path contains:

  • Proficiency definition for the specific job
  • All formal & informal Learning and Practice to achieve proficiency in the shortest time
  • A detailed fully customized management coaching process at each stage
  • Fully measurable action steps that define business results achieved
  • Two Assessment Tools that can be used in multiple ways for individual assessment

In this one day hands-on Workshop, you’ll learn:

  • An overview of the Learning Paths methodology – what it does, how it changes the training and performance process
  • The difference between a Velocified Learning & Performance Path for the entire job vs training courses
  • How effective Business Cases replace Needs Assessment
  • What to measure – key business results and performance measures
  • How to build management support as a whole organization strategy
  • Overview of how proficiency is defined in any job and its impact on business results
  • How Velocified Paths drive out time, waste and variability from the learning process
  • How management-engaged mentoring works on a Velocified Path
  • How to easily track formal and informal learning on a Velocified Path with or without an LMS
  • Customizing a Velocified Path as an Individual Assessment Tool
  • Strategies for implementing and measuring results of Learning Paths
  • The internal Certification process
  • Determining which critical job functions to start with
  • How Velocified Projects work
  • Tracking business and organizational returns
  • Key preparation steps for your management team and staff
  • The best way to set up a Rapid On-boarding program for new staff
  • Customizing a Velocified Path as an Individual Assessment Tool
  • Next steps – implementation game plan


  • Readiness Assessment template
  • Key Results Metrics Template
  • Business Case Template

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