HR CERTIFICATION – Proficiency Development

New skills and processes are needed to transform HR into a more robust support for core business units, people and performance. This program will prepare you to improve performance and employee engagement and drive higher ROI value from HR services, recruiting and performance. This HR Certification delivers the front end of an improved, more efficient HR performance system to support a back end of rapid onboarding and accelerated proficiency development.

Learn to implement an accelerated proficiency-based performance system to improve HR value and reduce time and staffing costs. Learn effective project management strategies to take your skills & career to the next level.

The impact of HR services on job design and performance extends beyond the HR department. Unclear definitions are difficult for managers and staff to meaningfully apply. Consequently managers tend to adapt their own methods for day to day performance management and may not give HR feedback. This makes it more difficult for HR to appraise entry level job skills when recruiting. The end result is inefficiency that adds time, performance risks, and generates additional staffing costs.

The Proficiency Development HR Certification is based on the improvement model of the Learning Paths methodology which integrates HR, training and management functions in a robust customized performance management and accelerated learning framework. This overall approach has been proven to get employees up to speed 30-50% faster in any job and to convey measurable improvements on sales, profit, productivity and performance, depending on the business units they are applied in.

The program will enable you to implement a customized proficiency-based performance system to define jobs, simplify performance development and job assessment, improve recruiting, & deliver improved business value from lean high efficiency HR services.
Participation in this program will enable you to develop highly specific proficiency definitions for any job (often in less than 1 day), calculate time-to-proficiency, apply a customized assessment tool to accurately assess fit for new employees and career development, and quickly determine recruitment needs. You’ll also learn the language and business acumen needed to take your HR skills to the next level and develop business plans that deliver business improvement ROI for your organization.

BENEFITS & DELIVERABLES: New HR efficiencies, potential cost savings, improved employee engagement.

COMPLETION REQUIREMENTS: Satisfactory completion of an interim assignment to demonstrate mastery of workshop concepts and passing the examination with an 80% score.

HR CERTIFICATION in Proficiency Development Overview

Day 1- Session 1
• The changing role of HR in business improvement & why it matters to ROI
• Overview of the Learning Paths methodology to accelerate time-to-proficiency
• The value of proficiency and its return on people and business
• How to define proficient performance for any job

Session 2
• The critical differences between proficiency and competency
• How to write accurate proficiency statements
• Evaluating proficiency statements
• Proficiency assignment

Day 2 – Session 1
• Review of assignment
• Writing proficiency statements (continued)
• Completing a proficiency definition for the entire job
• Calculating time-to-proficiency
• Validating the proficiency definition
• Modifying proficiency definitions over time
• Using proficiency as an Assessment tool for recruiting, internal transfers & career development

Session 2
• Defining business improvement deliverables from proficiency definitions
• Measuring the employee engagement impact of proficiency
• Developing business plans to drive performance and measure business improvement ROI
• Building HR efficiencies, accelerating the recruiting process
• Using accelerated proficiency development to boost your talent brand
• Setting the stage for rapid on boarding and accelerated staff development

About the Instructor:

This session will be delivered by Arupa Tesolin, a National Certification and Practice Leader licensed by Learning Paths International. Arupa is an experienced trainer and consultant who has developed training in numerous public, private and government organizations. Her numerous articles on learning, innovation and management have appeared in Training Magazine, Chief Learning Officer, HR Innovator, Workplace Today, Management Magazine, Training & Development Magazine, & HR Reporter.

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Training delivered either live in classroom or through four 90-minute webinars, scheduled on 2 concurrent days.