Why Capability Problems Are Hard to Recognize

Why aren’t capability easily problems identified? Because they can look like so many other things. Slipping sales, inconsistent management, turnover rates, increasing error rates, a need for retraining and time slippages due to rework; all of these are evidence of a capability problem.

KPI results will probably show a decline, but senior management could find it difficult to isolate the cause, and instead will usually play a guessing game where there’s a 50% chance they are half right. And even when they recognize a problem, the implementation solution usually needs to be driven by other staff, such as, HR, training, internal consultants and managers who may not be able to implement cross functional solutions.

Because managers are interest-driven they will push for resources to address what they believe is the problem. The result is like putting nails in a dam. On the surface it looks like it’s working until the dam starts to crack.

Training people can’t usually diagnose this because managing the organization and its larger metrics are typically beyond their scope. They focus on specific performance issues and may not have an effective way to deal with cross functional issues. Most of the time they’re busy developing prioritized training and materials.

HR & OD people are often more concerned with people and organizational fit, not cause, because cause is a management focus. Most don’t have the operations, management or management consulting experience to skillfully diagnose cause or implement a cross functional management solution.

The people who could correctly diagnose this problem may not exist in your company. Sometimes a Chief Learning Officer with a senior management mandate who has had exposure and experience with implementing whole capability methodologies can pinpoint this, but not all companies have them. The companies that have them may not have one with this kind of experience. The good news is that, once capability problems are identified, cost effective solutions can be implemented often within weeks and months.

Once a capability problem is diagnosed, Velocified can provide an implementation solution through Talent Acceleration and business improvement. The results typically far exceed the cost of the solution.Add to this the strategic performance edge of your new capabilities and here are some of the results and benefits you’ll likely experience.

The benefits?

KPI’s will improve, sometimes drastically
Capability and unit performance will improve
Staff turnover and engagement rates will increase
Unique multipliers will appear. This could range from improved stock performance to market share increases, improvements in quality, service delivery and problem solving on several fronts. As these are unique to every company, we don’t know what they are until they show up during implementation.
Management support will get easier and clearer
Custom management coaching program
Staffing and training costs will decrease

At Velocified, we specialize in accelerating performance. When your staff get up to speed faster, they are able to perform sooner. This means your business will be more successful sooner.

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